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Rudi, Helen & Dogs

In 2019, after becoming disillusioned with our corporate lifestyles, we sold our house in Germany and moved to the Outer Hebrides. This post contains a short bio of ourselves, and the reasons we relocated to a remote island in search of a new life.

Rudi’s story

I was working for a large car manufacturer in the south of Germany, joining the company at the age of 15 and working there for 40 years.

At 55, after becoming increasingly frustrated with the direction the industry was going, and with the attitudes of my managers and colleagues, I decided to leave the company in order to lead a lifestyle with more freedom and in harmony with nature.

Not everyone understood my decision to leave full-time paid employment and make such a life change, but to me, health, happiness and quality of life are more important. At the end of 2018, I suffered a stress-related collapse at work and ended up in hospital for three days. For me, that sent a clear message that I needed to make some changes in my life.

Now I spend much of my time doing creative and innovative jobs in the house and garden, and going for long walks with our dogs. We live next to a sea loch and have fantastic views of mountains and islands. Wildlife is on our doorstep – I love watching otters and seals near the shore and eagles and hawks flying overhead. There are so many things I want to do, but all in good time. There’s no rush. The main thing is that I’m approaching life with new energy and zest.

Helen’s story

This is not the first time I’ve moved country. In 1999 I moved from England to Germany to teach English at said car manufacturer, which was where I met Rudi. I love teaching – I get great satisfaction in learning how to do something and then helping other people learn it too. However, I was growing progressively uneasy with the fact that I was working in an industry whose values were out of alignment with my own.

Over the last decade, the summers in southern Germany had been getting hotter and drier, and I found myself fleeing to Scotland for 3-4 months at a time to escape the heat. I also noticed within myself an increasing intolerance towards large crowds of people, and I vowed to search for somewhere cool, wet and remote to live. The Outer Hebrides seemed the perfect place.

The house we ended up buying was much larger than we’d envisaged, so we made the decision to open our home to guests on a bed and breakfast basis. We both enjoy meeting people and finding out about their fascinating life stories, so this seemed to fit perfectly. My goal now is to live a rich and fulfilling life, enjoying the nature in our beautiful corner of the world.

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