From Lederhosen to kilt

October 2023 Earlier this month, a German TV team came out to Great Bernera to film our life on the island. They were curious to find out why we chose to move from a large town in Bavaria to a small island in the Outer Hebrides. They were also interested in what steps we’re taking

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Our kitchen

April 2023 Almost four years after moving into our Hebridean home, we’ve now completed the last of the major renovations to get our house how we want it. The most urgent work was on the guest rooms, the living room and the garden, and the final room of our house to be given a makeover

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Freedom to choose

May 2021 We made the choice two years ago to move to the Outer Hebrides. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be able to make that decision without too much complication – dealing with our own inner doubts was probably the biggest hurdle we had to overcome. Before that, we’d spent

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Breakfast and Social Room

Our guest rooms

April 2021 It’s been almost two years to the day since we packed up and left Germany to start our new life on the Hebridean island of Great Bernera. A large part of the past 24 months has been spent in renovating the house to how we want it. We started with the rooms most

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Our living room

January 2021 Since we moved into our house in May 2019, we’ve been more or less renovating non-stop. We started with the rooms necessary to enable us to open the B&B, then we moved on to ‘less urgent’ rooms. Our living room falls under the latter category and we started work on that in October

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Our greenhouse

September 2020 Part of our journey in becoming self-sufficient is to be able to grow our own fruit and vegetables. In choosing to live in the Outer Hebrides, however, we haven’t exactly picked the ideal location to do this. The growing season is short and cool, and the high winds have been known to rip

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