Our guest rooms

April 2021

It’s been almost two years to the day since we packed up and left Germany to start our new life on the Hebridean island of Great Bernera.

A large part of the past 24 months has been spent in renovating the house to how we want it. We started with the rooms most urgently in need of renovation and have just finished decorating the final room this month.

The first room we completed was the breakfast room (pictured above), followed by the guest rooms. Although we weren’t completely ‘finished’ with our renovations, we opened the B&B anyway in the summer of 2020. We figured that waiting until everything was ‘perfect’ is simply a form of procrastination (after all, ‘perfection’ doesn’t exist). We’ve learned that, whatever product or service you’re offering, it’s better to put it out there before it’s completely ‘ready’ and get valuable feedback from your target audience so that you can improve. This is what we’ve been doing since we opened.

We’ve given our rooms names, according to what guests can see through the windows. Our double room is called Willow and has views of our willow trees. The single room is called Rose, as it looks out onto our rose garden. These are the guest rooms:

Double room 'Willow'
Single room 'Rose'
And this is the garden in full bloom, with views over the sea loch and neighbouring islands:

We often see birds of prey flying overhead, and seals and otters near the shore. One day last summer we were blessed with a pod of dolphins playing in the loch all day:

If this all looks very appealing and you’d like to spend a few days getting away from it all, please do get in touch. We’d love to welcome you to our island paradise in the Outer Hebrides!

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