Freedom to choose

May 2021

We made the choice two years ago to move to the Outer Hebrides. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be able to make that decision without too much complication – dealing with our own inner doubts was probably the biggest hurdle we had to overcome.

Before that, we’d spent two decades travelling at will. We thought nothing of taking a few weeks, or even months, off work and heading off on our motorbikes to tour various European countries, from the northernmost tip of Norway to the southernmost point of Spain and even venturing (by ferry) as far out as Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Our decision to stop travelling and instead to station ourselves on a remote island in the North Atlantic more or less coincided (if you believe in coincidences) with the world turning upside down and any kind of travel becoming a huge undertaking. However, it needn’t be like this.

We have the freedom to choose where to live, when to travel, who to meet, what to believe and, most alarmingly right now, what to inject into our bodies. We are able to decide ourselves whether to open a business, go to the pub or give someone a hug. These are our fundamental rights – no-one else can tell us what we can or can’t do, or how we should live our lives. Indeed, how can any of us achieve our potential and follow our calling if we feel restricted in our actions, behaviours or thoughts?

For this reason, large numbers of people have been rising up against the current attempts by world leaders to place restrictions on our freedoms. People have been gathering by the millions in cities all over the world to call out the actions of those following a certain agenda. A huge peaceful protest took place in London on Saturday, and Helen took part in one in Edinburgh earlier this month.

Of course, these uprisings are not being reported in the mainstream media, since these media are controlled by the same people as those forcing the restrictions. We need to look elsewhere for such information.

Our B&B is and will remain open. We have the right to run our business and provide for our own livelihood. And just for clarification, we’ve drafted a temporary set of rules applicable during these unusual times:

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