October 2020 One of the rooms in our house which we’ve worked hard to make eco-friendly is our bathroom, and we’re pleased to report we’re (almost) there. The way we see an eco-friendly bathroom is free of plastics and toxic chemicals, and with minimal

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Our greenhouse

September 2020 Part of our journey in becoming self-sufficient is to be able to grow our own fruit and vegetables. In choosing to live in the Outer Hebrides, however, we haven’t exactly picked the ideal location to do this. The growing season is short

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Vegan paté

The last recipe we posted was for a delicious egg and dairy-free quiche, a recipe we picked up while living in Germany. Another recipe we learned about in the Land of Leberwurst is for a liver paté alternative, which we often make for our

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A quiche for all seasons

Who says you need eggs and bacon in order to make a delicious quiche? This is my ‘go to’ quiche recipe whenever I have seasonal vegetables that need to be used up. It’s delicious, packed with protein and vitamins and extremely filling. I learned

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Upcycling furniture

June 2020 Upcycling can be described as ‘breathing new life into old items – be it furniture, home accessories or even clothing.’ This post reports on a few upcycling projects that we’ve undertaken so far in our B&B. The previous occupant of our Hebridean

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Rudi, Helen & Dogs

Our story

In 2019, after becoming disillusioned with our corporate lifestyles, we sold our house in Germany and moved to the Outer Hebrides. This post contains a short bio of ourselves, and the reasons we relocated to a remote island in search of a new life.

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