Summer garden

June 2021
Our rhododendron in full bloom

This is now our third summer in our Hebridean home and we’ve made good headway with the garden, especially in experimenting with growing a range of fruit and vegetables in the challenging horticultural conditions of the Outer Hebrides.

Some of the things we’ve managed to do so far include:

Building a greenhouse for indoor vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, squash, peppers, beans, peas, artichokes, broccoli, sweetcorn, as well as our grapevine and hops, and a lemon tree.

Erecting beds for vegetables which can survive outdoors in this climate, such as potatoes, onions, cabbage, swede, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, lettuce, kale, chard, kohlrabi, leek, spring onions and courgette.

Beds with onions, potatoes, cabbage & beetroot
Raised beds with carrots, parsnips, kohlrabi & lettuce

Tending a herb garden, which is giving us a regular supply of parsley, mint, rocket, coriander, dill, sorrel, sage, lovage, cress, rosemary, chives and various salad leaves.

Planting a wind-protected corn patch (we’re not too hopeful of this project, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed).

Trying to revive old apple, damson and cherry trees, as well as planting new apple and plum trees, and a range of berry bushes.

New plum tree in foreground, old damson tree in background
One of many gooseberry bushes

Creating a rockery for our strawberry patch (which is looking more promising this summer, after producing very few berries last year).

Our longer-term aim is to become completely self-sufficient in producing our own fruit and vegetables, although we appreciate we still have some way to go to get to that stage the whole year through. It’s a project we’ll keep working on. As mentioned in our previous post, there are countless benefits to growing your own food, and those are what’s keeping us going.

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  1. >Our longer-term aim is to become completely self-sufficient in producing our own fruit and vegetables
    Good luck chums!

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